Primavera wins 3-1 against Lazio and reaches the top

Coach Ceccarelli’s team score three goals against Lazio, getting 2 points ahead in the table and reaching the top position (with 40 points) with a match more still to be played compared to the Romans.

In a first half widely led by the Cavalluccio squad, the earliest chance comes just gone two minutes with Stiven Shpendi failing to strike despite Carlini’s perfect right assist. At 10’ Schirone's try is unbeliavably warded off by the goalie. The first opportunity for Lazio comes at 17’ with Adjaoudi, but his kick bears no threat for Bizzini, who easily tosses out. B&W superiority is rewarded at 22’ with Francesconi, who scores thanks to Stiven Shpendi's magical assist.

A few minutes later Cristian Shpendi misses to redouble after a solo run from midfield. Redouble that is only delayed though: at 40’ David’s left cross is caught in air by Cristan Shpendi who shoots right below the crossbar. Just before the break, Adjaoudi’s kick hits the wood, sparing Bizzini by a whisker.  

Straight at the beginning of the second half, Ceccarelli’s boys get dangerously close with Stiven Shpendi who is only just stopped by the goalie. The Roman team tries to counterattack and at 50’, with Bertini’s free kick, Bizzini is forced to deflect into a corner. At 55’ they get another chance with Crespi whose hard kick is once again warded off by Cesena goalie.

From then on the B&W players regain the lead and at 90’ Schirone scores the third goal after overcoming three defenders. Victory is in the bag although in injury time a foul in the penalty area against Castiglioni offers the opponents the consolation goal with Bertini’s successful penalty kick. Next leg is the away match on Perugia’s turf, team that today tied against Ascoli.