“The new ownership’s first season now begins”

Eight days after being eliminated from playoffs, it was the head of the technical area, Massimo Agostini, who filed away the season to turn to Cesena FC’s future. “After the first leg’s performance - he began - there was great confidence but I don't think the boys were focused on the next round. Conversely, we saw a dull Cesena: in the second half the match seemed settled but then there was the penalty and the sent-off that made everything more difficult, even if I believe the match’s start weighed more. And the anger of not being able to give our fans another important evening stays on".

Agostini continued with assessing the season that has just ended: “If we consider what Cesena FC achieved, getting to third place, there isn't much to say, but if you look thoroughly, something can be objected to in terms of consistency. In January, we tried to help the team maintain a position right behind the two teams at the top, and I am convinced that with a more assertive second round, we could have done better in the playoffs. Now let's turn the page and look to the next season: the ownership will do everything possible to set up a competitive team, with players possessing the right personality and caliber needed to play a great championship”.

It’s exactly five months since the majority of Cesena FC's shares passed to co-presidents Robert Lewis and John Aiello: “Starting mid-championship is never easy but we came in tiptoeing, trying to support the staff. It would have made no sense to upturn everything, even more so facing a job well done both for the first team and the youth sector. Instead, we have tried to understand what can be done from 1st July, when the first real season with the new ownership starts, and from this angle there have been five intense months”.

Eventually some considerations on the beginning of a new page for Cesena FC, which the new ownership wants to write starting from the good things done in the latest seasons: “A cycle that lasted two years and a half is over: we are talking about an important course, which has brought this club back to playing football professionally. Now we need to continue improving and achieving more, leaving an important mark and trying to do what it could not be done in these past three years”.