Cesena U19 wins 3-0 against Salernitana

Cesena U19 team wins in the away match against Salernitana and adds three precious points to its ranking position, remaining at the top right behind Lazio. It’s Stiven Shpendi who gets the first opportunity at 17’ who, after overtaking three opponents just off the penalty area, almost hits the goalpost to De Matteis’ left. Cesena gets a second chance at 30’ with Biondelli who, after a lengthy run on the left side of the pitch, gets to the penalty area but his strong diagonal kick is deflected for a corner by Salernitana goalie's feat.

Right before half time, the B&W team miss to strike on a couple of occasions within minutes: at 43’ with Francesconi and at 46’ with Stiven Shpendi, whose right kick gets stopped once again by the goalie.

In the second half, it’s Cesena ruling: both the Shpendi twins have a try, then it’s up to Schirone whose kick is barely off. It looks like all is vain but the substitutes coach Ceccarelli sends in the pitch, at injury time already started, come to the rescue and deliver yet another victory: at 91’ Carlini strikes with a header from Guerra’s flawless assist in the penalty area, and two minutes later Bernardi scores again from Stiven Shpendi’s pass, who at 94’ enables Schirone to score the third goal. Cesena will now have a rest round and host Spezia in the next home fixture scheduled in two weeks.