Cesena FC is out: Monopoli wins 3-0 in the playoff return match and gets through

Cesena FC loses 3-0 against Monopoli in the return home match and is out of the playoff tournament. Despite the advantage from the previous away match, a stiff B&W team enter the pitch and after twelve minutes they are down due to Gonnelli’s own goal. There is no real counterattack and in the second half Nardi is sent off following a faulty parry. From the penalty spot, Mercadante scores the 0-2. Although in ten, Viali’s boys would just need a goal to upturn the result and the opportunity comes in injury time when Ilari kicks the ball past the net after Loria’s weak deflection on Steffè's free kick. Unfortunately, there’s another penalty kick granted to Monopoli and Mercadante strikes for the second time.