Cesena U19 loses 2-1 in Frosinone

After ten victorious matches, Cesena U19 comes back from Frosinone with a defeat, the first in the second round, and just the fourth in this extraordinary season. Following the initial game evaluation, the match lights up at 28’ with Bernardi's attempt from the area’s borderline but the ball only shaves the right post. Four minutes later, the hosts reply with Stampete, who sends the ball just above the crossbar.

In the second half, the same pattern repeats: after a long ride on the counterattack, at 56’ Bernardi gets in front of the goalie who wards off; then, merely two minutes later, from the edge of the area Stampete kicks hitting the post. Only a minute passes and this time Frosinone scores with a header by Bracaglia. The opportunity for a tie comes with Stiven Shpendi, launched on the counterattack by Carlini, but the opponents’ goalie shields in two halves. Goal unscored, goal conceded, because at 62’ comes the doubling by Frosinone with Favale’s strong kick from the edge which Bizzini can’t avert. At 73’ Cesena reopens the match with Schirone, who strikes with a low shot from the edge of the area that slips into the lower corner to Palmisani's left. In the final minutes, a couple of unsuccessful tries by the B&W squad: first Stiven Shpendi and then the newly entered Gessaroli.

On Saturday the last leg, when Ceccarelli’s boys will face Reggina at home in the last match of this championship.