“I wanted to join”

“After my first visit to Cesena, I met the presidents of the clubs in Milan: they explained what we could have done together and they were very convincing. I wanted to be included”. With these words, the latest addition to the B&W team Dominik Frieser introduced himself earlier to the press. The Austrian player went on mentioning a great compatriot who did great while wearing the B&W jersey: “Schachner? I know him, in Austria we live close by: he said to call him for any advice and he even offered to come to Cesena to help out. Italy is not the worst country to live in (he laughs, ed.) and anyway it’s not that far from my home: I’ll be a father soon and it’s important that my family is quite near”.

The B&W forward then talked about his first encounter with the Serie C championship and Italian football in general “The main difference with England is that over there they press a lot, they’re very aggressive, while here there’s more focus on defending. My goals? I want to help the team in all the matches, trying to win as much as possible. It’s a game of mind and of defence, tactical schemes play a big part: that’s what I like the most in Italian football. My favourite position? That would be the side forward or number ten backing the strikers, as I played last night. A starting spot? I always feel ready, but it’s up to the coach. I’m still learning about how the team works best”.