Cesena is beaten 2-0 by Pontedera

One goal each half and Cesena loses for the fifth time this season. Pontedera confirms to be a team on fine form (third victory in a row) and at 13’ takes the lead with Milani who scores profiting from an air pass by the fellow top scorer Magnaghi, leaving Nardi no chance. The B&W squad reply with a header by Missiroli stopped by the goalie Sposito, then the former Sassuolo player experiences some muscle problem and needs a substitution. In the second half, Viali’s boys keep trying and Sposito has to ward off Caturano’s attempt. The coach sends in Frieser and Cristian Shpendi taking off two defenders (Ciofi and Favale) but it’s the hosting team that redoubles with Barba, who seals the match at 83’.

Cesena maintains the third spot on the table as Entella lost on Pesaro's turf, and next Sunday (kick-off at 5:30 p.m.) at the Orogel Stadium they will face Teramo, that won against Grosseto today.