Primavera: Just one point behind Lazio after the triplet against Pisa

The Primavera team wins for the fourth time in a row and gets just -1 from Lazio, still at the top although losing today on Reggina’s turf and the one the B&W team will face in Saturday home match.

The hosting team does better at first, getting close to score at 8’ with a header by Panattoni from a corner kick, Pollini wards off but it takes Pieraccini's intervention on the line to avert the threat. After the difficult beginning, coach Ceccarelli’s boys take the lead at 35’ with Cristian Shpendi’s eleventh goal punishing a defective save by the opponents’ goalie.

In the second half, it’s Cesena doing better and getting dangerous inside the Pisan penalty area after only four minutes with Bernardi offering the ball on the penalty spot. However, neither Cristian nor Stiven Shpendi manage to overcome the Tuscan goalkeeper. At 82’ Cristian gets a second chance and, following a perfect assist from Carlini, he scores 2-0. With the end approaching, spirits heat up and all sorts happen: first Ariyo and Aliboni are sent off and both teams remain with ten players, then Pisa shortens the distance with Coulibaly, but it is Lepri who closes the games in injury time with a deadly free kick just off the penalty area.