Shpendi twins sign up with Cesena FC until 30th June 2025

After Tommaso Berti, it’s time for Cristian and Stiven Shpendi to sign the contract as professional players with Cesena FC. This morning, with co-presidents Robert Lewis and John Aiello attending, the twin brothers - who will turn 19 in May - have joined the B&W club until 30th June 2025.

Coming to the Cavalluccio youth sector in summer 2019, Cristian and Stiven have been twins on the pitch too, as well as in life, wearing almost identical numbers on their jerseys. In their first season, played with the U-17 team coached by Mr Masolini, Cristian and Stiven competed in 16 matches each, the first scoring 14 times while the latter 11 times. Same number of matches (15) and goals (13) also in the Primavera 3 championship tournament, when the two Italian-Albanian strikers led the team coached by Giovanni Ceccarelli straight till the final match lost against Arezzo. Up to the current season, the Primavera 2 championship tournament, when Cristian on average scores a goal per match (10 bagged so far), while Stiven performs even better with 15 goals in 11 matches.

For both, this season has also meant their debut in the first team (against Olbia for Cristian, against Ancona Matelica for Stiven) and their outset in the Albania U19 national team, playing respectively 8 and 2 times.

"The contracts as professionals signed by Cristian and Stiven today, along with Berti's one a few months ago - John Aiello and Robert Lewis declared - show how players, with skill and commitment, can grow in our youth sector to reaching the first team. Their story sets an example for other young talented people who are growing up in our academy to follow in the same path".

"I am very grateful for this opportunity: I wish to pay it back with my hard work, giving always my best" - Stiven Shpendi said. Words reaffirmed by Cristian, who adds: "When the proposal came, I was delighted: I'm very pleased to continue my career in this club ".