Same regretful result as in the first leg: Imolese-Cesena ends 0-0

Cesena FC misses the third victory in a row, still to be achieved this season. In Imola, coach Viali’s boys lead the game from start to finish but have to settle for a nil-nil, the same result as in the first leg and equally disappointing. The B&W team are unlucky on several occasions: Bortolussi’s crossbar, Pierini's free-kick warded off by the opponents’ goalie Angeletti, Missiroli’s cancelled goal and another couple of very ill-fated occasions which make the over 500 Cesena FC fans gathered at Romeo Galli Stadium unable to scream of joy for scoring.

On Sunday (kick-off at 2.30 p.m.) another away match facing Pontedera, which today won against Pistoia.